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International Experience Canada

For Canadians - Travel and Work Abroad

Make your work dream a reality! International Experience Canada gives you the information and resources you need as a Canadian to travel and work abroad for up to one year.

You’ve always dreamed of spending a year living and working abroad. Maybe you want to gain valuable international work experience in a foreign country... intern abroad for your next co-op placement... or simply travel the globe working at stops along the way.

International Experience Canada facilitates arrangements with different countries around the world to make it easier for you to travel and work in another country for up to one year.

While there are many different ways young Canadians can visit other countries for extended periods of time, including on a travel visa or through permanent immigration, International Experience Canada’s bilateral youth mobility arrangements and agreements were created for both students and non-students to experience another culture through travel and work.

International Experience Canada work permit

  • Stay in a foreign country for longer than six months
  • Legally work in other countries
  • Created for young Canadians travelling abroad
  • Restricted to those 18-35 years *

The International Experience Canada website gives you all the information you need to know before you start planning your travel and work holiday abroad. Get started today—Choose your experience! 

Are you a non-Canadian looking to travel and work in Canada for up to one year? Find out more about travel and work in Canada facilitated through International Experience Canada.

* In some countries the age limit is 18-29, or 30.


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