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Travel and Work in Mexico

Mexico and Canada have signed a bilateral arrangement that permits Canadians ages 18-29 to travel and work in Mexico for up to 12 months. 




Please consult the website of the Embassy of Mexico to find out how to submit an application to participate.

Please note: application times, fees and approvals vary from country to country. Foreign embassies may use different names for each category. It is recommended that you plan your trip well in advance of your anticipated departure date.

Want to Travel and Work in Mexico?

Here is some general information on specific country requirements and other links of interest. Please consult the website of the Embassy of Mexico for the most accurate, up-to-date information relevant to your travel and work abroad plans. You might want to bookmark this link for future reference on your Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry or Tablet device while travelling.

General Information

  • Fee to participate: C$195*.
  • The amount of money that must be held in the participant’s bank account prior to departure: C$2,500*.
  • Current travel advisories for Mexico:
  • About the culture in Mexico:

*Amounts are subject to change without notice and may vary depending on exchange rate fluctuations. Please consult the Embassy of Mexico to know the exact procedures to follow for that destination.

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