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It’s a rite of passage... a dream of many... and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity too good to miss! If you’ve ever dreamed of living and working in a foreign country, International Experience Canada may be the perfect opportunity for you to do just that!

Through bilateral youth mobility arrangements and agreements with different countries around the world, Canadians and non-Canadians can travel and work in each other’s countries for up to one year.

Want to Learn More?

The International Experience Canada website gives you all the information you need to know before you start planning.

If You Are a Canadian and Want to Travel and Work Abroad

There are many ways you can shape your travel and work abroad adventure. Maybe you want to gain professional international experience, intern abroad, or simply work and travel in a foreign country. Find out more about travel and work abroad and discover the many countries where you can do just that!

If You Are from Another Country and Want to Travel and Work in Canada

Canada is so diverse and so vast you might just need a whole year to see it all! Come to Canada to experience its cultural traditions by living and working in some of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen. Maybe you want to gain professional experience in North America, intern in Canada, or simply work and travel across our great country. Find out more about travel and work in Canada and discover how you can do just that! 

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