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Finding A Job Overseas

Looking For Work Abroad?

International Experience Canada takes care of the hardest part—solidifying youth mobility arrangements and agreements with foreign countries to make the process of getting the proper authorization to travel and work in other countries a lot easier. The rest is up to you… the world is truly your oyster! 

Since 1995, more than 250,000 young Canadian citizens have taken advantage of the available opportunities in over 30 countries where Canada has bilateral reciprocal youth mobility arrangements or agreements. Choose your experience on your own or through one of our recognized organizations.

 If you decide to look for work abroad on your own, the process is very similar to finding a job locally.

  • Ask for referrals within your network of family and friends.
  • Search for “jobs abroad,” “international jobs” or “international employment” on the Internet.
  • Look online in the Help Wanted section of a local paper in the country where you want to work.    




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