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Facilitated Travel through  Organizations Recognized by International Experience Canada

Travel and Work in Canada with Help from These Recognized Organizations

There’s a lot of planning that goes into spending a travel and work year in Canada. That’s why many of our overseas participants choose to have their international travel plans facilitated through one of these recognized organizations. These organizations may be active in your country, or be affiliated with a local organization under a different name.

In addition to providing support and helpful advice, these organizations can also facilitate your travel and work plans if a bilateral reciprocal youth mobility arrangement or agreement does not currently exist between Canada and your country.

Recognized Organizations (employer-specific)

The work permit under the employer-specific category will indicate the name of your employer, location and duration of your pre-arranged employment, work placement or internship. This means that you can work only for the employer as indicated on your work permit for the duration of the employment contract submitted with your application. The application will be outside of the annual IEC country quota.

Recognized Organizations (employer-specific) table
OrganizationExperienceGeared To

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

International exchange program combines travel with technical career-related jobs in Canada.

University and college students

International Association for Students of Economics and Commerce (AIESEC)

Student-run organization that provides its members with opportunities to live and work in Canada. You could work in the following fields: management, information technology, education and social development.

Students and recent graduates

Chantiers Jeunesse
available in french only

Organization focused on various volunteer projects in Canada

Individuals and/or groups, ages 18-35

Canadian Host Family Association, CHFA, with Communicating for Agriculture Education Programs, CAEP

Work placements in agriculture, horticulture and home management.


International Rural Exchange

Work placements in agriculture, horticulture, equine activities and oenology.


International Volunteer Exchange Program of the Mennonite Central Committee of Canada

Facilitates youth exchanges to Canada

Ages 18 to 30

Recognized Organizations (Working Holiday category)

Work permit under the Working Holiday category will be an open work permit which means the participant can work for any employer. The application will be part of the Working Holiday category and quota.

Recognized Organizations (Working Holiday category) table
OrganizationExperienceGeared To

SWAP Working Holidays

Working holiday program featuring a welcome service and orientation at your destination.

Students and youth

GO International

Working holiday program featuring a welcome service and orientation at your destination.

Working holiday program with pre- and post-arrival job search assistance in primarily tourism and hospitality industry.

International internship program with career related placements.

Wildlife and conservation volunteer projects.


Interested in becoming an IEC Recognized Organisation? Soon we will post right here on this page the necessary criteria and how to apply. Stay tuned.


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