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Brittani Adams

Brittani Adams in Hong Kong   
22 year old Brittani Adams came to Hong Kong to experience the busy “9 to 5” working life while her father was in Hong Kong on business. She applied under the WHA to work in the summer teaching English at two educational institutions in the New Territories and Hong Kong (island). Experiencing the working world in Hong Kong, she joked, enabled her to learn more during her time here than going to the Lantau Big Buddha or the Ocean Park. 

During Brittani's stay, she taught English at the Canada-China Culture and Education Association, as well as at another school in Yuen Long, New Territories. Through her first contact with primary 5 local students, she remarked that students in Hong Kong studied harder than those in Canada and were very obedient.

"The students actively asked questions and talked to me, which helped me to adjust to Hong Kong life very quickly. I had a very happy two months in Hong Kong!" 

Colleagues were also very helpful in teaching her Cantonese. "Cantonese is hard to learn, but I know how to bargain in the market now". 

Brittani especially loved going back to Hong Kong island on weekends, allowing her to explore places outside of the usual tourist attractions.  

After the summer holiday, she returned to Canada to further her studies, but thinks that real life experience is so valuable that she hopes to return to work in Hong Kong after her graduation.


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