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Simon Hausmann

Simon Hausmann (German) in Canada   
Hi, my name is Simon and I'm a German student who has been in Canada already for more than 3 months. After a couple of weeks of enjoying classes at the Tamwood International School and getting assistance from GO International, I felt like I was a part of a great and lovely family. They offered me workshops for improving my interview skills, preparing a well-suited resume and other very helpful stuff. In addition, Michelle from GO International, organized a perfect job in Whistler for me. Also, I still think about the amazing time I had at the school for two months.

I work in Whistler already and the job is one of my most interesting experiences. Housekeeping (cleaning apartments, doing the laundry, vacuuming the floors)can be a stressful job but my collegues at the Clock Tower Hotel (central position in Whistler Village)try to increase my motivation every day and it works well.:) Finally the wage of 13$ an hour is not bad and I'm lucky to say; thank you very much, I would never have this opportunity without attending the Tamwood International School in Vancouver.

Best regards

Simon Hausmann


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