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Over 415 000 international participants have traveled and worked in Canada under IEC. Read some of their stories below to learn about their experience 

  • Simon Hausmann in GermanyHi, my name is Simon and I'm a German student who has been in Canada already for more than 3 months. After a couple of weeks of enjoying classes at the Tamwood International School and getting assistance from GO International...continue reading Simon's story.

  • Miyuki Saneto in CanadaI wanted to improve my English skill. That’s why I came to Canada because I used to use English at office work in Japan. The class in Tamwood was very challenging and interactive. That nationality of the students are very diverse. ....continue  reading Miyuki's story

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      Your personal stories about travelling and working abroad are an excellent source of information for our future participants Share your experience with others who may benefit from an experience as enriching as the one you had?


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