Past Participants

Miyuki Saneto

Miyuki Saneto (Japan) in Canada   

I wanted to improve my English skill. That’s why I came to Canada because I used to use English at office work in Japan.

The class in Tamwood was very challenging and interactive. That nationality of the students are very diverse. I enjoyed discussing differences from countries.

I am involved with volunteer work and went to each Tamwood English class to introduce our volunteer work and projects to students that gave me confidence in English. And also I learned about how to find jobs in Canada and helping other international students. After my internship, I got 6 job offers in Vancouver. I’m very proud of myself.

I like stopping by coffee shops and relaxing. Canadian people are very friendly. In Japan we don’t talk with strangers. It surprised me, but it’s good talking with native English speakers.

I think there are not so much differences from Japan and Canada about how to work. My coworkers are very friendly. I improved my talking and listening skills to talk with them. I am working at Starbucks and Blendz right now.

-Miyuki Saneto



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