La Francophonie

The Francophonie is first and foremost a dynamic and diverse community of 80 states and governments from five continents. It encompasses some one billion people, including 274 million Francophones, who share values such as peace and security, cultural and linguistic diversity, democratic governance, respect for human rights, poverty reduction, and sustainable development.

In addition of offering a space for solidarity and cooperation, La Francophonie plays an important role in international relations. To put its mandate into actions, La Francophonie is constituted of a variety of institutions, the main one being the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF). Since January 2015, Michaëlle Jean, former Governor General of Canada, has been the Secretary General of the Organization.

The OIF is a modern, credible and effective organization, and its influence and appeal continue to grow. The OIF enables representatives from industrialized countries, developing countries, emerging economies, countries in transition, and even states in crisis to discuss, and to seek and implement solutions to the challenges faced by the members of La Francophonie.

Canada's involvement in La Francophonie highlights the country's linguistic duality and its attachment to the shared values of La Francophonie. Participation in La Francophonie gives Canadians more opportunities to extend their international influence, and allows the rest of the world to truly appreciate Canada’s unique contribution to the development and evolution of La Francophonie.