Intellectual Property Rights

22 May 2012

G8 Leaders note the importance of intellectual property rights (IPR) systems as drivers of innovation, and acknowledge the importance of improving IPR capacity of the developing world. Seeking to realize the rich international growth potential of effective IPR systems for knowledge-based economies, G8 Leaders will seek to enhance these vital systems through multilateral and bilateral means. G8 Leaders further understand that global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods poses an increasingly significant threat to our nations’ economies, including innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and the well-being of our citizens.

Support cooperative intergovernmental initiatives 

G-8 governments re-affirm support for international cooperation, through expanded participation in legal instruments and other forms of cooperation, to address cross-border counterfeiting and piracy, and encourage participants to give special attention, as necessary, to protecting public health and consumer safety.

Promote Voluntary Best Practices

G-8 governments encourage private sector companies to agree on and introduce voluntary codes of best practice that are consistent with each country´s laws including those dealing with competition and privacy and that require their foreign suppliers to respect intellectual property rights, and engage in private sector compliance audits to measure progress. These best practices can help companies to eliminate counterfeit and pirated goods from their supply chains, while reducing compliance costs for suppliers by setting expectations across the industry.

Secure government procurement

G-8 governments will ensure as necessary review of their internal procurement processes in order to take into account the threats posed by counterfeit and pirated goods to critical infrastructure and the health and safety of government personnel and the public. For example, these practices could require that suppliers to the government take responsibility for the goods and services that they provide. Governments will also review as necessary processes to ensure appropriate compliance with IPR laws and regulations in public procurement..

Intensify cooperation among border enforcement authorities

G-8 governments are to intensify ongoing efforts to implement an integrated warning system, such as G 8 INFO_IPR, by which border enforcement authorities can rapidly share information related to shipments of counterfeit or pirated goods, to help prevent the importation of such goods in a way that is consistent with each country’s laws and policies. These efforts should be implemented in coordination with relevant international organizations, inter alia the World Customs Organization and Interpol, and support existing customs cooperation and mutual assistance agreements.