Opportunities and Benefits of CETA for Canada’s Fish and Seafood Exporters

Why export to the EU?

How will CETA benefit Canadian fish and seafood exporters?

Upon CETA’s provisional application, almost 96% of EU fish and seafood tariff lines will be immediately eliminated, in particular:

The remaining EU fish and seafood tariffs will be phased out over…

3 Years:

5 year:

7 Years:

CETA rules of origin matter

Other non-CETA related aspects to keep in mind when exporting fish and seafood products to the EU

Top 5 Suppliers of Fish and Seafood to the EU% of Import Market Share
Canada (15th)1.8%
Source: Eurostat (2016)

Once CETA is provisionally applied, Canadian fish and seafood exporters will enjoy the advantages created from the agreement over competitors based in countries that do not have a preferential trade agreement in force with the EU.

For more detail on how CETA benefits your company, contact a Trade Commissioner today.

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