How to make a donation to the Famine Relief Fund

The best way for Canadians to help people affected by the food crisis in northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen is to donate money to a recognized Canadian humanitarian organization that is responding to the crises.

How to make a donation

Any Canadian registered charity meeting the criteria above can participate in the Famine Relief Fund.

Below is a list of Canadian humanitarian partners* currently responding to the humanitarian crises in affected countries with Canada’s support.

* This is not an exhaustive list of all registered Canadian charities raising money for the Famine Relief Fund. If you wish to donate to a registered Canadian charity that is not appearing on this list, please follow these steps to make sure that your donation will be matched by the Government of Canada. We encourage Canadians to check news reports and broader fundraising efforts before making an informed decision regarding the organization they wish to support.

  1. Select the organization of your choice.
  2. Verify that the organization is a registered Canadian charity according to the Canada Revenue Agency and that it raises money for the Famine Relief Fund.
  3. Make your donation between March 17 and June 30, 2017. If you are donating by cheque, make your cheque payable to the registered charity, not to an individual and not to the Government of Canada. If you are donating online, make sure that your online payment is secure.
  4. Verify that the charity receiving the donation will declare it to Global Affairs Canada by July 7, 2017.
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