Canada's Middle East engagement strategy

Over the course of three years, between 2016 and 2019, Canada is investing $2 billion to enhance regional security and stabilization, to provide vital humanitarian assistance to those in need, to help host communities build resilience in the face of conflict and to increase Canada’s diplomatic engagement in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.


Canada’s support for internally displaced people in Iraq

Canada's lines of effort

Humanitarian assistance: helping the most affected

Canada is providing humanitarian assistance funding to help meet the basic needs of people affected by the Syrian and Iraqi crises.

Development assistance: building resilience

Canada is helping to build the capacity of communities to withstand the shocks and stresses caused by the crises in the region.

Promoting security and stabilization

Canada is delivering assistance in Iraq and the region to support resiliency, stability and prosperity over the long term.

Diplomatic engagement

We are actively contributing to finding solutions to the issues facing the region.


A history of Canada's engagement in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.


February 2016

Prime Minister Trudeau announces Canada’s renewed and enhanced whole-of-government strategy towards its approach to security, stabilization, humanitarian and development assistance in response to the crises in Iraq and Syria and their impact on Jordan and Lebanon.

February 2016

Canada strongly condemns the continued targeting of health facilities and personnel in the Syrian conflict.

April 2016

Canada announces final tally of Syria Emergency Relief Fund and additional $100 million programming through Canadian and international partners to help the most vulnerable communities affected by the Syrian crisis.

April 2016

Canada announces over $75 million in support of women's education, health, nutrition and for countries hosting Syrian refugees.

May 2016

Canada co-sponsors UN Security Council resolution on protection of medical missions in armed conflict situations in Syria.

May 2016

Canadian Armed Forces expands contribution to Global Coalition to defeat Daesh.

May 2016

Canada announces new support to help more than 5400 women in the region to increase their participation and representation at all levels of government.

May 2016

Canada and Jordan sign a memorandum of understanding to increase cooperation between the two countries on security and stabilization in the region.

May 2016

Canada accepts an invitation to join the International Syria Support Group (ISSG).

July 2016

Canada pledges $158 million in humanitarian and stabilization support for Iraq.

August 2016

Following the conclusive findings of use of chemical weapons in Syria, Canada calls for those responsible to be held accountable for their actions.

September 2016

Canada announces $442 million in humanitarian assistance funding to help save lives and alleviate suffering of millions of conflict-affected people in Syria, Iraq and the region by helping them meet their basic education, food, health, water, shelter and protection needs.

October 2016

Canada leads on efforts to mobilize the United Nations on Syria and to find solutions for the Syrian people.

November 2016

Installation of Operation IMPACT Role 2 Medical Facility.

December 2016

Canada announces significant support for peace, security and stability in Lebanon.

December 2016

Canada co-hosts the White Helmets in Canada and announces $4.5 million to support the White Helmets’ life-saving work in Syria and to help train more female volunteers.

December 2016

Canada, along with France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States demand an urgent ceasefire to allow the United Nations to get humanitarian assistance to people in eastern Aleppo.

December 2016

UN General Assembly calls for action on Syria in Canada-led resolution - Adoption of Resolution.

February 2017

Canada announces $239 million of new humanitarian and development assistance for the Middle East.

March 2017

Canada announces $28 million to support people in Iraq and Syria. This support will help to address the immediate needs of the population, increase access to justice and accountability for Iraqis and Syrians affected by the conflict and allow civilians to return safely to territory liberated from Daesh.

March 2017

The Government of Canada announces an extension to Operation IMPACT until June 30, 2017.

June 2017

Canada announces it has renewed Operation IMPACT until March 31, 2019.

July 2017

Canada congratulates Iraqi forces on the liberation of Mosul.

August 2017

The Prime Minister announces support for gender equality and resilience-building programs in the Middle East.

October 2017

Canada calls for de-escalation of tensions in Kirkuk, Iraq.

October 2017

Canada condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria after evidence points to their use by both the Assad regime and Daesh.

July 2018

Canada, working in close partnership with the United Kingdom and Germany, has been leading an international effort to ensure the safety of White Helmets and their families

September 2018

Canada calls on the Syrian regime and Russia to protect civilians in Idlib.

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