Matt DeCourcey

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs


Matt DeCourcey was elected in October 2015 as a Member of Parliament for the riding of Fredericton, New Brunswick. He is also a Member of the Special Committee on Pay Equity.

Matt worked as an assistant to former Fredericton MP and cabinet minister, Andy Scott, in 2005 and 2006. He also worked with former Labrador MP and Métis leader, Todd Russell. After a five-month international development project in West Africa, Matt established the Wanderers Friendship Cup – a soccer tournament and health-education initiative for youth in The Gambia. Armed with his unwavering vision for a caring and compassionate Canada, Matt has dedicated the years prior to being elected to bettering the lives of disenfranchised youth through his role as Director of Communications, Education and Outreach, with the New Brunswick Child and Youth Advocate.

Matt holds a Master of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, and a Bachelor of Arts from St. Thomas University. He is a 2012-13 Action Canada Fellow, co-authoring the report, Who Cares About Young Careers? Raising Awareness for an Invisible Population, and a former provincial coordinator for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO’s Youth Advisory Group.

Matt DeCourcey was born, raised, and educated in Fredericton.

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