Canadian Recommendations – UPR 17

October 28, 2013 



In 2009, Monaco agreed to consider steps to encourage the participation of women on the Government Council. Could the Delegation of Monaco inform us on the status of this process, consultations underway, measures expected to be implemented or progress achieved so far? 


Canada recommends that Monaco: 

  1. Take measures to raise awareness of its new legislation concerning domestic violence and inform victims of domestic violence about their rights and help available to them. 
  2. Complete the review of its legislative project on the abolition of the penalty of banishment and promptly follow-up on the results of this review. 
  3. Conduct an analysis of the discriminatory treatments that may be affecting foreigners, especially in the field of employment, and consider amending its legislation in accordance with the result of this study. 

Observations (if time allows): 

We welcome the steps taken by Monaco to strengthen its capacity to address violence against women, children and other vulnerable person by adopting new legislation and creating a specialized institution to welcome children and women in need.