Priority Markets

Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan consists of comprehensive actions to advance the interests of Canadian businesses in a specific group of key foreign markets. Priority markets were identified through a multi-stage process that included:

  • economic modelling to identify markets with high-growth potential given Canadian industrial capabilities and competitive advantages;
  • analysis of potential sources of capital, technology and talent;
  • key regional trading blocs and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partners for Canada;
  • core hubs in global value chains; and
  • guidance from key Canadian industry sectors.

Emerging & Established Markets

Emerging Markets – Broad Canadian Interests

Emerging markets with the best potential for broad Canadian commercial interests are defined as those:

  • that demonstrate high potential for economic growth;
  • where Canadian capabilities have the best potential for success;
  • where government support can have the greatest impact;
  • that are priorities for foreign direct investment, technology and/or talent; and/or
  • that are part of regional trading platforms.

List of markets:

Russia was removed as a priority market under the Global Markets Action Plan due to sanctions applied against it.

Emerging Markets – Specific Opportunities for Canadian Business

Emerging markets with specific opportunities for Canadian business include those:

  • where Canada has investment links;
  • where Canada could hold a first-mover advantage;
  • where the corporate social responsibilities of Canadian companies gives them an advantage;
  • where Canada sees opportunities to develop

List of markets:

Established Markets

Although emerging markets are increasingly important, Canada needs to continue building on existing relationships with our traditional international partners. Business and industry leaders have been clear: a focus on emerging high-growth markets should not come at the expense of Canadian commercial interests in other strategic markets where Canada already has major trade interests and where Canadian companies still face the challenge of penetrating the lucrative global supply chains of multinational corporations.

List of markets: