Canada's response to the earthquake in Haiti

List of definitions

Unaccounted for

  • Criteria:
    • family and/or friends of the individual contacts the Emergency Operations Centre OR the individual is registered in the Registration of Canadians Abroad (ROCA), AND;
    • Emergency Operations Centre and Canadian officials on the ground are unable to locate the individual.
    • Emergency Operations Centre will continue to follow up with Canadian officials on the ground and with family and/or friends to verify whether contact has been established with the individual.


  • Individual evacuated by the government of Canada.

Confirmed deaths

  • Criteria (one or more of the following):
    • body has been seen and identified by:
      • next of kin (spouse, parent, child, sibling) who is the one making the declaration to our consular officials;
      • other identified family member (cousin, etc.) with their full particulars (name, relationship, contact info and circumstances) recorded in our case notes;
      • a Canadian Embassy official;
    • official certificate of death has been seen by an official of our Embassy ;
    • identification has been made by a trusted third party (RCMP officer, Canadian military personnel, U.N. official, etc.); and/or
    • confirmation is made through an established Disaster Victim Identification process (finger prints, dental records, DNA).

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