Past Major Disasters and Crises Abroad

Canadian Responses

Past events

  • Canadians depart Libya [February/March 2011]
    In February and March 2011, 348 Canadians were evacuated from Libya with the assistance of our missions in the region.

  • Canadians depart Egypt [January/February 2011]
    In January and February 2011, over 1,400 Canadians were evacuated from Cairo and Alexandria with the assistance of our missions in Cairo.

  • Canadians depart Gaza [January 2009] 
    In January 2009, 79 Canadians were evacuated from Gaza with the assistance of our missions in Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Amman and Cairo.

  • Mumbai terrorist attacks [November 2008]
    In November 2008, the Government of Canada worked closely with Indian authorities to find and assist any Canadians and their families who were affected by the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

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