Welcome to the Bisson Campus

The Canadian Foreign Service Institute (CFSI) has utilized the impressive array of facilities available at our Bisson Campus since 1992 to deliver Language Training, Intercultural Learning, International Affairs Learning and Management Development, and Corporate Services Learning.

It is our pleasure to serve you at the Bisson Campus. We hope your experience with us will be a rewarding one.

The Bisson Campus

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Useful Information

Hours of Operation:

7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

The building main entrance door is automatically locked after 5:30 p.m. Visitors who leave the building cannot return unless they call security at the Pearson Building to allow them to gain re-entry. The telephone number is located close to the entrance door.

Visitors without a security clearance must leave at 6:00 p.m. if the person that initially signed for them has already left and no one else accepts to sign them in (There is a list that an employee has to sign at the entrance to "vouch" for a visitor who is at Bisson for CFSI business only. Everyone is required to leave by 8:00 p.m.

Course Listings and Locations

A closed circuit television system listing courses and Campus events is located in the reception area near the main entrance or inquire at the reception desk.

Use of Electronic Devices in the Classroom

In an effort to provide an environment that fosters and supports learning and the exchange of ideas, the policy for CFSI learning events is:

The use of electronic devices (such as blackberries and cell phones) is not permitted during learning events except during breaks. Participants with disabilities or exceptional needs, who require electronic devices for medical reasons, are asked to speak with the Program Manager and/or the Facilitator before the learning event.

Dress Code on Campus

Proper but casual dress for students is recommended.


Free parking is available on a first-come first-served basis in the parking lot located off Bisson Street. There are two (2) spaces reserved for VIPs and three (3) spaces reserved for the handicapped as well as visitor parking in a small lot at the Bisson Street entrance to the facility.

The parking lots are closed as of 8 p.m. (a secured chain is placed denying entry and exit as of 8 p.m.).

A bicycle rack is located near the Bisson Street entrance.


The government’s "no smoking" policy is enforced throughout the building. A smoking area has been designated at the Durocher Street entrance.


Washrooms are located on all floors except on the third floor. Washrooms on the lower level are equipped with change rooms and showers.

Lost and Found

Any item that is lost or found should be reported to the commissionaire at the reception desk.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All facilities are wheelchair accessible. An elevator is located near the reception area. The main entrance has a wheelchair ramp and automatic doors.

First Aid, Safety and Security

Visitors should read the fire safety orders posted on each floor beside the elevator. A commissionaire is on duty from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and is responsible for the security of the Campus. Commissionaires are qualified at the "Emergency" level of Saint John’s Ambulance First Aid course. For minor injuries, first aid kits can be found at the reception desk, beside the elevator door on each floor, and in room 026 (lounge). The First Aid Post is located in room 115 on the main floor.



A Commissionaire is on duty at the main entrance during regular hours of operation.


The Commissionaires will take messages for you at 343-203-8169. These messages can be retrieved from the bulletin board in the reception area. Urgent messages will be delivered to you in class.


You may use any of the telephones located in the lounge, in the reception area or in the hallways on each floor. MITNET is operational throughout the building. There is also a Bell pay telephone located in the main lobby.


A facsimile machine 819-994-7190 is available at the reception for teachers and students for education or work-related matters.


A photocopier is available in the corridor near the reception area for teachers and students for education or work-related matters.

Bulletin Boards

Several bulletin boards are located on every floor where you will find articles and announcements from Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) and employee associations, general Campus news and personal advertisements.

Audio-Visual Support

Audio-visual services are available to faculty, staff and consultants. The equipment available includes overhead projectors and screens, complete colour video (VHS and DVD) systems as well as flip charts, audio cassettes, slide projectors, LCD multimedia projectors, computers, video cameras and cassettes and other training aids.

Laptops with internet access are available and so are SIGNET workstations. If a facilitator does not have a DFATD security clearance but requires internet access, he/she will need a cellular telephone with the function of receiving text messages. A temporary password will then be texted to that person so that they can access the internet.

Requests for Campus equipment should be sent in writing to the Campus Administration by the relevant Course Manager at least one week in advance.


Bisson Resource Centre

The Bisson Resource Centre offers didactic material for foreign language learning to all departmental employees.

Online Catalogue Search
For more information, contact us at:
Bisson Campus (room 109)
Opening times: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Info: learner-cfsl@international.gc.ca 
Circulation desk: 343-203-8172
Fax number: 819-953-7170

Campus Amenities

Please note: There is no bank machine at the Bisson Campus.


Drinking fountains are located on each floor near the central stairwell. There are soft drink vending machines on the lower level.


Various newspapers are available from vending machines located at the Bisson Street entrance.

Recreation and Fitness

Jogging and bicycle paths are located near the Campus. See the Commissionaire for details. Change rooms and showers are located in the washrooms on the lower level.

Services in the Campus Area

Restaurants — Shopping

Various restaurants are located within a short drive of the Campus along Saint Joseph and Montcalm Boulevards. As well, there are restaurants and a food court within the shopping centre Les Galeries de Hull located on Saint Joseph boulevard, at the corner of Montclair Boulevard (a five-minute drive from Bisson).


The local hospital (5 minute drive) will accept out-of-province medical insurance cards "for medical emergencies."

Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Gatineau (CSSS)
116 Lionel-Emond Boulevard
Gatineau (Hull), QC
Telephone: 819-966-6200

Medical Clinic

The Clinique Médicale Gamelin is staffed from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. (Mondays to Wednesdays only).
The clinic accepts Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). It is advisable to call in advance.

207 Gamelin Street (corner of Moussette Boulevard)
Gatineau (Hull), QC
Telephone: 819-777-6664

Getting to the Bisson Campus

Driving — From the L.B. Pearson Building

(125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa)

  • Cross the Macdonald-Cartier bridge and follow the signs for Autoroute #5 North.
  • Take the Saint Raymond and Casino Boulevard exit, stay in the left lane.
  • Turn left onto Saint Raymond and follow this route until the fifth set of traffic lights (you should be at the corner of Saint Raymond and Moussette).
  • Turn left on Moussette and proceed until you reach Durocher.
  • Turn right on Durocher, then left on Bisson.
  • Bisson Campus is at 115 Bisson Street.


From Ottawa:

  • Blue Line: 613-238-1111
  • Capital: 613-744-3333

From Gatineau (Hull):

  • Regal: 819-777-5231
  • Crown: 819-777-1645


Map from Pearson to Bisson

Map of Pearson to Bisson
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Contact Information

Bisson Campus
Canadian Foreign Service Institute (CFSI) 
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
115 Bisson Street
Gatineau (Hull), QC  J8Y 5M2


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