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Canadian Foreign Service Institute (CFSI)

The Government of Canada's Centre of Expertise on learning related to International Affairs

Our goal: To offer continuous learning in an environment of choice

  • "An impressive range of presenters, representing various fields of expertise and sharing their diverse experience."

  • "Very good instructors and resource people, who were genuinely interested in our success."

  • "The academic level of the course was highly refreshing."

  • "The course promoted an exchange of ideas with our counterparts."

About the Canadian Foreign Service Institute

The Canadian Foreign Service Institute (CFSI) is the primary training provider for Global Affairs Canada and offers more than 150 learning activities.

In 2010-2011, nearly 9,900 Global Affairs Canada employees participated in either online or classroom courses:

  • 4263 rotational
  • 4274 non-rotational
  • 1354 locally engaged staff

Our main role is to provide top-quality, timely learning programs in the areas of international affairs, foreign languages, intercultural effectiveness, professional and management development and corporate accountability.

Wherever they are in the world, and at whatever stage of their career, our clients can acquire the practical knowledge and skills they need to help them improve their performance at work and prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

Always up-to-date, our teaching approach mixes traditional classroom methods with online learning and other sources of instructional material, and uses the latest technologies, making the Institute's model one that is internationally admired.

Training Programs offered to other departments and agencies

CFSI offers training programs to various departments and agencies of the federal government under the principle of cost recovery. Last year, more than 260 employees from other departments and agencies were enrolled in our courses.

To request a copy of our course catalogue, please send an email to Learning-Apprentissage.

International Affairs Curriculum

Foreign Languages

  • Language training and evaluation services in 44 languages
  • Group classes
  • Private Courses
  • Language proficiency certification
  • eLearning Resources

Foreign Policy and Global Commerce

Specialized courses in International Affairs, using a multi-faceted approach, including the political, economic and commercial suites: negotiating skills, policy analysis and development, international business development, economics, finance, investment and many others.

Intercultural Effectiveness

Courses and online learning services to support organizations and individuals involved with international activities in developing the intercultural competencies essential for international success.


CFSI works with other teaching and training establishments, both within Global Affairs Canada and across the federal government, including the Canada School of Public Service, to share information and best practices in order to continuously improve our programs and services and to encourage the formation of new partnerships.


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