New Brunswick

Be more profitable here

New Brunswick’s competitive business climate and exceptionally high quality of life are drawing the best and the brightest in business, academics and the arts. New Brunswick is the largest of Canada's three Maritime Provinces and is home to abundant natural resources, a bilingual population, a business-friendly environment and numerous tax incentives. It is no surprise that investment continues to grow as this province offers a superior business climate, some of the lowest housing prices in Canada, a rich multi-cultural heritage, and a great quality of life. Business is booming, the economy is growing, and an affordable lifestyle is awaiting your business in New Brunswick.

Business Environment

  • One of the most trade-active provinces in Canada
  • Tailored, low-risk incentives, including loan guarantees and employee training, plus millions of dollars for innovation and R&D
  • Total operating costs reaching 30% lower than the average costs across the G7
  • Ranks first in 2008 for lowest business costs on the eastern seaboard
  • With favourable Canadian/U.S. exchange rate, businesses stand to save an additional 15-20%


  • Educated, with one of the best high school graduation rates in Canada at 82%
  • Over 60% of workers have some level of post-high school education or training
  • One-third of the workforce is bilingual in English and French

Other Key Advantages

  • Closer to Europe than any US seaport, with same-day access to more than 1 million North Americans
  • Coastal location makes it a hub for trade with international and regional airports and world-class seaports
  • First in North America to deploy a 100% digital switching network and first to have a province-wide fiber optic network
  • The Intelligent Community Forum named two New Brunswick cities on their “Top Seven Communities of 2009” World list

Sector Strengths

  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical trials
  • Food processing
  • Software development and support
  • Financial services
  • Business process
  • Security
  • Aerospace/defence
  • Health/life sciences
  • Communications