City Profile

Calgary is a major city in the province of Alberta, Canada
Population: 1.2 million

  • A global energy centre
  • Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Calgary the 5th most livable city in the world (2009-2013)
  • Calgary has the highest concentration of head offices per capita in Canada - 135 Calgary-based companies are on the FP500 list

Key Advantages

  • Highest personal income, most competitive provincial corporate tax jurisdiction and lowest provincial personal income tax rate in Canada
  • Calgary produces the highest returns for commercial real estate investment (Source: Compare to 60 cities, Investment Property Databank, 2013)
  • Calgary ranked 22nd out of 83 cities in the GFCI (Global Financial Centres Index 15, March 2014)
  • Fastest growing labour force and lowest unemployment rate over the past 10 years
  • Thriving business environment for many sectors, including manufacturing companies and high tech start-ups
  • City with the two largest urban parks in Canada

Sector Strengths

As the centre of the international oil and gas industry, this city offers plenty of investment opportunities. The overall job demand is expected to grow to over 90,000 new jobs in the next five years.

  • Energy (oil and gas, electricity, coal, alternatives)

    The majority of Canadian oil and gas production companies, pipeline operators, oilfield service, drilling companies and energy related engineering and consulting firms are located there. Many of the world’s largest international oil and gas companies have established a significant presence, driving more than $75 billion in energy related projects currently active in the province.
  • Financial Services Sector

    The Calgary is a global financial centre, accounting for more than 26% of the global M&A deal volume in Canada (Bloomberg, Calgary Economic Development analysis, 2007-2012). 18 of the top 20 investment banks in the world have a presence in Calgary.
  • Technology

    Calgary has the highest percentage of post-secondary educated citizens in Canada, as well as the largest concentration of entrepreneurs and the largest number of technology start-ups per capita in Canada. Calgary’s 85% broadband Internet connectivity and use, counts as the highest in Canada.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing in Calgary is a dynamic sector comprising a variety of consumer and industrial products. True to the entrepreneurial spirit of the city, Calgary manufacturers have made substantial investments in the most current technology and are more modern and efficient than many of their competitors.

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