Charlottetown: Much More than Just a Pretty Place

City Profile

Map of Canada with the city of Charlottetown highlighted.

Charlottetown is the capital city of the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada
Population: 34,134

  • Official birthplace of Canada's Confederation
  • KPMG ranks Charlottetown as the most cost-effective business location for Corporate Services in Canada
  • Cultural Capital of Canada

Key Avantages

  • Business cost advantages: investors can save 20% on labour and 30% on leasing costs for Corporate Services compared to other major locations
  • Excellent labour availability, with some of the nation’s best universities within a 3 hour drive (2,200 business graduates/year)
  • Labour stability: average job tenure is 8.5 years
  • Easy access to major markets and a favourable time zone
  • Fast access to key stakeholders, decision makers, and government officials

Sector Strengths

  • IT and Financial Services

    Proven location for IT businesses: major companies experience success operating in Charlottetown. Available labour and technology infrastructure combined with significant cost advantages provide business with a sustainable environment and high quality of life for employees.

    Globally recognized Financial Services firms have found similar success and near-shore opportunities are highlighted in this business-friendly location.

  • Bio-Science

    The Biocommons Research Park offers relevant and accessible science and technology, researching bioactive compounds derived from terrestrial and marine sources; Human Health: Natural health products, cosmetic ingredients, nutraceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients; Animal Health and Nutrition Products; Fish Health Products for Global Aquaculture; Human and Animal Health Diagnostics.

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