Edmonton: Welcome Entrepreneurs and Innovators!

City Profile

Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta, Canada
Population: 1.1 million

  • Wealth of natural resources
  • Center for the oil, gas, petrochemicals
  • Hub for northern mega-projects

Key Advantages

  • 97% of Alberta’s massive oil, gas and oil sands reserves located in the Greater Edmonton service area
  • Over $42.5 billion annual GDP and growth of over 47% over the past decade
  • Diverse metropolitan economy and connections to secure funding networks
  • Cost-competitive, no sales tax and lowest business taxes in Canada
  • More than 585,000 highly skilled people make up the workforce of leading edge R&D facilities
  • 10 universities and colleges educating over 150,000 of the best and brightest students
  • Proximity to more than half of the major markets in North America

Sector Strengths

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Manufacturing opportunities are virtually without limit in various sectors, including agri-food processing, petro-chemical processing, forestry, life sciences, and nanotechnology. Products range from the smallest electronic components to the largest heavy industry steel.
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction

    Refine, redefine, rethink what you know about Energy. Innovation and expertise drive design, planning, programming, implementation and construction services on mega-projects with focus on new energy-related development.
  • Healthcare

    1,500 scientists, researchers, doctors, technicians and staff at Edmonton Research Park. Number one health system in Canada five years in a row.

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