Quick Facts
Province: New Brunswick (Capital City)
Population: 125,000

Savvy investors already know why Fredericton was named the “Best City for Business” by Canadian Business Magazine. Home to a skilled workforce and a wealth of innovation and expertise, Fredericton is currently experiencing a prolonged “boom” with the highest level of building activity in history. World-class education and research facilities, a sophisticated commercial environment and a strong entrepreneurial spirit are just a few reasons why there is one business for every fourteen people in this east coast capital.

Key Advantages

  • Named “One of the Best Cities for Export” by the Globe & Mail Report on Business
  • 70% of the province’s knowledge based industry can be found in this city as well as the largest cluster of engineers per capita in Canada
  • Named one of the worlds top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2008 for its commitment to digital democracy and for being the first city in Canada to offer free wireless internet service
  • Tax credit programs such as the Small Business Investor Tax Credit¸ the Federal Investment Tax Credit Program and the R&D Tax Credit
  • Over 50 R&D affiliations, including the National Research Council
  • Two highly acclaimed universities and several training colleges produce a skilled workforce
  • Easy driving distance to Montréal and major US north-south highways
  • Short commutes, a low crime rate, affordable housing and the lowest property tax rate in New Brunswick

Sector Strengths

  • Bio-science
  • Culture and tourism
  • Forestry and industry
  • Agriculture
  • Light manufacturing
  • Consulting engineering
  • Information and communication technology
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Business process and outsourcing
  • Warehousing and distribution