Iqaluit: Canada’s Coolest Arctic City

City Profile

Iqaluit is the capital city of the territory of Nunavut, Canada
Population: 7,250

  • Gateway of the Eastern Arctic
  • 21st Century capital city
  • Rich in Inuit arts and culture

Key Advantages

  • Infrastructure boom with Canada’s fastest growing and youngest population
  • Cold testing site for Airbus 380, Boeing 777 and Eurocopter at Iqaluit International Airport
  • Gateway and supply center for diamond and gold mines in Nunavut
  • Iqaluit is a designated port of entry to Canada for international air and marine transportation
  • Nunavut Arctic College and Nunavut Research Institute are key education institutions

Sector Strengths

  • Mining

    Nunavut offers world-class deposits, an openness and willingness to the industry to work with all those involved in the sector.
  • Tourism

    The Arctic has never been so warm and hospitable. Nunavut’s distinctive attractions have tremendous potential to support the development of tourism. It generates external capital, promotes Inuit culture while protecting the territory’s natural resources. The eco-tourism and traditional opportunities are unlimited in this exciting, young city.

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