Quick Facts
Territory: Nunavut (capital city)
Population: 7,250

The Arctic has never been so warm and hospitable. Iqaluit is bursting with growth and economic development opportunities incumbent with being a 21st Century capital city and the gateway of the Eastern Arctic. From its fast-growing retail and professional services sector serving the expanding territorial government, to Northern architectural design and construction, cold climate testing, eco-tourism and traditional Inuit arts and crafts, the opportunities are unlimited in this exciting, young city.

Key Advantages

  • Canada’s fastest growing population is experiencing a building boom that is including homes, health facilities, recreation centres and a conference centre can host large territorial, regional and national meetings
  • Home to the Government of Nunavut, the largest employer in the region
  • Gateway point and supply centre for diamond and gold mines in Nunavut
  • The Iqaluit International Airport is capable of handling large jets and is used as cold testing site for the Airbus 380, Boeing 777 and Eurocopter
  • 3 airlines providing service to Ottawa, Montreal, Yellowknife and 28 regional hamlets
  • Site of Nunavut Arctic College, which includes Nunavut Research Institute

Sector Strengths

  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Tourism