London: When the world is looking for possibilities they come here

City Profile

London is a major city in the province of Ontario, Canada
Population: 498,600

  • Unparalleled market access through close proximity to three Canada-US border crossings
  • Continued commitment to world-class infrastructure
  • Internationally recognized educational and research institutions and facilities

Key Advantages

  • Located along the busiest superhighway in North America, which carries $1.5 billion in trade every day and provides London access to more than 150 million consumers within a one-day drive
  • London’s industrial lands are fully serviced, shovel-ready, and available at $75,000 per acre with no industrial development charges
  • Due to easy access to raw materials and transportation options, London is a preferred location for manufacturing and has one of the largest food and beverage processing clusters in Canada
  • The London International Airport offers 24 hour air cargo services and direct flights to several centres of commerce in Canada and the United States
  • Home to leading post-secondary institutions: Western University, Fanshawe College and College Boreal
  • World renowned research facilities including The Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Research, The WindEEE Dome Wind Testing Facility, The Canadian Centre for Product Validation, Robarts Research Institute, Lawson Health Research Institute, CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics) call London home

Sector Strengths

  • Manufacturing (automotive, clean tech, aerospace & defence, advanced materials)

    With close to 30,000 people, advanced manufacturing continues to be a significant employer in London’s economy. Leading companies such as 3M, Brose, and General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada have manufacturing facilities in London. Recent investments in the Highway 401/402 corridor, industrial lands, R&D facilities as well as skills training are some of the ways London is building the right infrastructure for manufacturers.
  • Food Processing

    London is increasingly being recognized as one of North America’s prominent hubs for food and beverage processing. From Labatt’s starting a hometown brewery in 1847, to Dr. Oetker opening its first North American frozen pizza plant in 2014, London has had a rich history in agri-food. London’s location in the heart of Southwestern Ontario provides easy access to Canada’s agricultural farm belt where companies can source a wide variety of raw materials and ingredients.
  • Digital Creative

    The city’s Digital Creative sector has been built on innovative local start-up ventures finding a niche market and growing into successful Canadian and global players. London’s talented digital creative labour force has more than 8,000 employees representing three per cent of its total labour force. London is home to more video game companies per capita than any other Canadian city.

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