City Profile

Moncton is home to the largest economic area in the province of New Brunswick, Canada
Population: 144,000

  • One of the World's Top 7 Intelligent Communities (2009 Intelligent Community Forum)
  • Fastest growing population in Atlantic Canada
  • Rated as Canada’s Most Polite and Honest City (Reader’s Digest)

Key Advantages 

  • Long considered the physical hub of the maritime provinces – strategic transportation and digital infrastructure
  • More than 46% of the workforce considered functionally bilingual (English and French)
  • Ranked by KPMG as the lowest cost centre in which to do business, both in Canada and the USA (2016 Competitive Alternatives)
  • Moncton ranked as the best place in Atlantic Canada to start and grow a business (CFIB, 2016)
  • Downtown Development incentive program, designed to help offset development costs for incremental growth in the city’s downtown core

Sector Strengths

  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)

    Moncton has become one of the country’s leading back office/support centres per capita by virtue of its skilled, bilingual labour force, low cost, and advanced digital infrastructure. The many postsecondary institutions in the vicinity are also able to adjust to the needs of local employers.
  • Finance and Insurance

    Moncton is home to numerous leading financial institutions and insurance companies, largely due to its skilled, bilingual workforce and dependable digital infrastructure.
  • Transportation and Logistics

    With advanced highway and air cargo infrastructure, Moncton’s hub location is ideal for warehousing and distribution.
  • Gaming and Animation

    Moncton is home to both homegrown gaming companies that have become well-known internationally, as well as international players who have leveraged great, local talent. This has created an ecosystem that continues to flourish, along with education programs designed to feed these needs.

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