Montréal: Greater Montréal, Greater Ambition

City Profile

Map of Canada with the city of Montréal pinpointed.

Montréal is the largest city in the province of Québec, Canada
Population: 3.82 million

  • Leader in ICT and Aerospace
  • Canada’s international gateway
  • R&D capital of Canada

Key Advantages

  • Lowest business operating costs in North America
  • Most direct access to the North American and European markets
  • Largest intermodal port in Eastern Canada, access to the Great Lakes and Saint-Lawrence Seaway all year round
  • A highly educated force: Canada’s No. 1 City for university degrees awarded and a world-class academic network including McGill, which figures amongst the world’s top 25 universities
  • Knowledge-based industries such as ICT, Financial services, and Agri-Food
  • First city in North America for international conventions
  • Montréal is located within a 90 minute drive of the United States

Sector Strengths

Excellence in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)

  • More than 92,000 qualified employees in almost 5,000 organizations
  • 25% ICT GDP growth between 2002 and 2012 - twice that of the Canadian economy
  • A leader among North America’s 20 biggest metropolitan areas : ranked 1st for lowest ICT business operating costs
  • Targeted and highly competitive financial incentives

Excellence in Aerospace

  • In the top 3 aerospace hubs in the world
  • More than 20 industry leaders and suppliers responsible for 70% of Canadian R&D in aerospace and about 60% of Canadian sales in this advanced manufacturing sector
  • 42,500 jobs in more than 210 private companies
  • More than $12 billion in sales
  • 55% of all Canadian aerospace production and 50% of the Canadian aerospace workforce
  • A financial aid program for strategic aerospace initiatives

Excellence in Life Sciences and Health technology

  • A world class leading cluster in Life sciences with the largest concentration of biotech R&D in Canada
  • 45,000 jobs in 600 organizations, including 300 public and university research organizations
  • 140 foreign subsidiaries offices
  • A cost advantage of more than 14% for businesses in the sector, compared to competing cities
  • A tax burden for R&D companies that is 2 to 5 times lower than in competing cities

Excellence in Cleantech

  • 1,000 organizations specializing in clean technologies, including 450 companies and 200 public research groups
  • More than 450 innovative companies: 70% of businesses in this cluster conduct business internationally
  • Favourable business climate: Canada is the 7th most attractive country for Cleantech companies according to the World Wildlife Fund and international research forum Cleantech Group
  • Part of the first Carbon Market in North America with California

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