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Economic Development
Government of Yukon
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Whitehorse, Yukon
Canada Y1A 2C6
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Yukon Territory

Larger Than Life Opportunities

Yukon is one of the last vast frontiers on Earth, with a wealth of natural resources and untapped business potential. Situated near several largely unexplored gas producing regions, the Yukon’s oil and gas industry is gaining attention as businesses are starting to invest in the immense sedimentary basins that boast an estimated 17 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 700 million barrels of oil. Once famous for its gold mines, the Yukon is still home to a flourishing mineral industry that has been the foundation of the territory’s private-sector economy. Government incentive programs combined with the region’s diverse energy resources and world class mineral deposits provide the Yukon Territory with an excellent investment climate and endless opportunities.

Business Environment

  • Real GDP growth of 5.2% for 2008, compared to a 3.6% increase in 2007
  • Real GDP growth rate for 2008 was the second highest among all provinces and territories
  • No governmental debt, no territorial sales tax and a very competitive tax regime
  • Some of the lowest personal income tax rates in Canada and competitive corporate income tax rates
  • Government spends a higher percentage of its annual budget on capital projects than any other Canadian jurisdiction
  • Business is encouraged through many incentive programs such as the Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit program which reduces income tax for eligible investors and the Yukon Venture Loan Guarantee Program which helps new and expanding businesses


  • Young workforce—62% of the working population under the age of 45 (one of the highest rates of labour force participation in Canada)
  • One of the highest ratios of university degree holders in Canada, as well as a high rate of school completion and trade certification
  • Workforce is skilled in natural resource industries with expertise in working in remote, cold-climate conditions

Other Key Advantages

  • Abundant and diverse energy resources including fossil fuel reserves, numerous lakes and rivers, windy and mountainous terrain, broad forest cover and sunny conditions
  • Significant supply of gold, silver, copper, tungsten, nickel and coal as well as one of the world’s largest iron ore deposits and one of the world’s largest undeveloped lead-zinc district
  • More than 4,800 km of all-weather roads and easy access to two ice-free ports closer to Asia than British Columbia
  • Tourism is the territory’s largest private sector employer— $185 million annually

Sector Strengths

  • Mining & Exploration
  • Tourism
  • Film & Sound Production
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Forestry