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Ontario Investment and Trade Centre
250 Yonge Street
35th Floor
P.O. Box 1
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B 2L7
Tel: 416-313-3469 Fax: 416-360-1817

Canada and North America Toll Free: 1.800.819.8701
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Central Canada—Centre of Canadian Business

With the greatest population concentration, close proximity to the massive US market and diverse industrial strengths, Ontario has quickly become the engine of the Canadian economy and a home for a broad range of multinational operations.

Ontario in the 21st Century is globally recognized for its leading edge technology industries and fast growing business services, finance, tourism and cultural sectors. Six of the world's largest automotive companies have production facilities here. So do nearly all the global biotech giants and international leaders in chemicals, IT, aerospace and financial services creating a broad industrial base which has the stability to ride out global economic cycles.

Ontario is committed to supporting businesses by:

  • maintaining low corporate income taxes,
  • offering generous incentives for business growth and success,
  • supporting job skills development,
  • leading in the development of clean energy technologies, and
  • continuing to be among the world’s most innovative and stable markets in which to invest.

Business Environment

  • In 2009, the Ontario government proposed $4.5 billion in tax cuts over three years for businesses—Once fully implemented, the comprehensive tax reform package would cut Ontario’s marginal effective tax rate on new business investment in half, making Ontario one of the most competitive jurisdictions in the industrialized world for new investment.
  • Home to almost 40% of all head offices and 59% of foreign-controlled head offices in Canada
  • Entrepreneurs and investors can get businesses started fast—it takes on average only one simple step to start a business, compared to as many as 20 needed in other industrialized countries
  • Producer of 48% of total national manufacturing shipments and 42% of goods exports
  • Telecommunications and transportation infrastructure provides seamless international links
  • Canada's banking system has been recognized as the world's healthiest and soundest—Ontario is the heart of that system


  • Canada's most populous province, with over 38% of the country's population of over 33 million
  • Home to 39 of Canada’s Top 100 corporate R&D spenders
  • Home to people with more than 200 different ethnic backgrounds who speak over 100 languages
  • Overall, 59% of Ontarians aged 25–64 have completed post-secondary education, the highest percentage in the OECD/G7
  • Home to 20 universities and 24 colleges of applied arts and technology, generating a steady supply of new graduates
  • Provides nearly 40% of Canada's total employment

Other Key Advantages

  • Over 40% of North America’s population is within a day's drive of central Ontario
  • Regulatory environment is balanced and transparent—Compliance is relatively easy and straightforward
  • Multicultural society that welcomes more immigrants per year than any other province in Canada
  • Ontario's population is more diverse than Canada as a whole, while Ontario's capital, Toronto, is Canada's most multicultural city
  • Tolerant communities and an enviable quality of life

Sector Strengths

  • Transportation equipment
  • Metal products
  • Food processing
  • Chemical & products
  • Electrical & electronic products
  • Motor vehicles, parts and accessories
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances
  • Communications and telephony equipment
  • Non-ferrous metals and allied products
  • Medications