St. John's: An emerging economy and cultural capital

City Profile

Map of Canada with the city of St. Johns pinpointed.

St. John's is the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Population: 203,600

  • Leader in ocean technologies
  • Emerging tourism destination
  • Cultural distinctiveness

Key Advantages

  • GDP growth rate of 6% in 2013, the 2nd highest growth rate of a Canadian city in 2013
  • 50% of Canada's conventional light crude oil and major service center for east coast Canada’s oil and gas industry
  • Weekly earnings are on the rise, increasing 57% since 2005; highest growth rate in Canada
  • Most advanced ocean technology research facilities in the country
  • Excellent R&D at Memorial University, C-Core and NRC Institute for Ocean Technology
  • International airport and sea port are gateways for economic growth
  • Significant investments are being made by the private sector in office, hotel and retail developments.

Sector Strengths

  • Energy (oil & gas, hydro)
  • Ocean Technology
  • Construction and professional scientific and technical services
  • Education
  • Culture and Tourism

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