Quick Facts
Province: Saskatchewan
Population: 240,000

Saskatoon has earned its reputation as an innovative, business-friendly city at the heart of the Canadian prairies. With attractive tax rebates, a stable economy and a dedicated, highly educated workforce, Saskatoon has evolved into one of the most diversified economies in Western Canada ranging from mining, energy and manufacturing to transportation, life sciences, construction and agriculture.

Key Advantages

  • Outperformed all major cities in Canada for GDP growth in 2007, with an amazing 5.5% increase and was named the #1 small city with the "Best Economic Potential" by Foreign Direct Investment magazine
  • Central location makes it a key gateway for the booming mining industry in central and northern Saskatchewan
  • Home to 30% of Canada’s Ag-Biotech industry and is fast becoming Canada’s centre for plant and animal genome science
  • Expanding manufacturing sector which includes metal fabrication, transportation equipment, textiles, electronics, chemicals, printing and publishing
  • Significant tax abatement incentives to encourage expansion or location of operations, and facilitate long-term skilled or semi-skilled job creation
  • Commercial centre of Saskatchewan with excellent highway, air, and, rail transportation links to markets throughout North America
  • Metropolitan population of over 240,000 make it the largest urban centre in Saskatchewan and the nearby states of North Dakota and Montana
  • Excellent R&D location—One of the fastest growing research parks in North America includes the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, the NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute, POS Pilot Plant Corporation (one of the most advanced synchrotron research facilities in the world, used to analyze a host of physical, chemical, geological and biological processes on a molecular level)
  • Ag-Biotech industry—Among its leading-edge achievements, the Saskatoon cluster produced the world's first genetically modified commercial canola variety and first genetically engineered animal vaccine

Sector Strengths

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Life Sciences: Biotechnology, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processing
  • Warehousing and Transportation
  • Mining