Saskatoon: Where Enterprise Meets Opportunity

City Profile

Saskatoon is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada
Population: 292,597

  • Fastest growing city in 2013, with 6.5% GDP growth
  • Number 2 in Canada for Best Places to Run a Business (Canadian Federation of Independent Business)
  • Second fastest growing city by population at 3.9%, while Canada’s rate was at 1.2%

Key Advantages

  • Saskatoon Is The Fastest Growing, Youngest City In Canada (StatsCan)
  • Culture thrives in Saskatoon where diverse traditions, religions, and languages are respected and celebrated
  • Home to the world’s largest uranium producing company and the largest fertilizer company
  • 30% of Canada’s Ag-Biotech industry is in Saskatoon; Canada’s centre for plant and animal genome science
  • Over 40% of Canada’s arable land is in Saskatchewan
  • 190,000 kilometres of highway and road network throughout the province; CN and CPR intermodal railway terminals connect to the U.S., eastern and western Canada - all at the HUB of Saskatoon

Sector Strengths

  • Manufacturing

    Saskatoon has developed a successfully diverse manufacturing sector by creating products specifically adapted for a local need and then exporting those products to other international niche markets. Our local manufacturers have pioneered many new innovative products – everything from satellite communications technology, dry land farming equipment, to robotic mining equipment.

    The tremendous growth in the manufacturing sector has been driven by a booming resource sector, both here in Saskatchewan and in western Canada. Along with strong local demand, the value of manufacturing shipments from Saskatchewan in 2013 totaled $15.2B, an increase of 6.8% compared to 2012.

  • Life Sciences and Biotechnology

    The Saskatoon Region Biotechnology and Life Sciences cluster is recognized as a leading Canadian centre for research and development in Biotechnology.

    The University of Saskatchewan and Innovation Place are home to world renowned institutions like the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac), the Canadian Light Source Inc. (CLS), and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Saskatoon Research Centre.

  • Mining and Energy

    Saskatchewan has almost two-thirds of the world’s recoverable potash reserves and is the world’s second largest exporter of uranium. The Saskatoon region alone has seven potash mines in operation. Province wide, the industry is planning $20 billion in mine expansions over the next 20 years. Saskatchewan’s value of mineral production was $7.2 billion in sales in 2013.

    This Sector is a key economic driver for the region and the reason many of Canada’s largest mining companies are headquartered here in Saskatoon. Many local companies have developed innovative products and services to support the local market and are bringing this expertise to the rest of the world.

    Saskatchewan is Canada’s 2nd largest oil-producing province, and the fifth largest oil producer among all American states and Canadian provinces. Saskatchewan is also the third largest producer of natural gas in Canada. Oil production last year set a new record of 177.9 million barrels, or 487,400 barrels per day. That’s up from the previous record of 172.9 million barrels or 472,500 barrels per day set in 2012. Drilling activity also set a new record. The province reported that 2,433 horizontal oil wells were drilled last year, surpassing the 2,036 horizontal oil wells drilled in 2012.
  • Construction

    A significant amount of construction investment continued to spur growth in the region, with over $1 Billion invested in the past year. Driven by employment and population growth, the demand for housing in Saskatoon continues at a significant rate. Following a record year in 2012, the number of housing starts returned to the 2011 levels with housing starts at 2,980 units in 2013.

    The value of non-residential construction permits rose again for the fourth year in a row. Commercial construction remained high, with $97M invested in new construction and $68M on improvements.

    Of the total projected capital investment in Saskatchewan for 2014, $11.9 billion will be in non-residential construction and $3.6 billion is for residential construction – according to Statistics Canada.
  • Transportation & Logistics

    Saskatoon is the commercial and manufacturing centre for Saskatchewan, and was identified as one of Canada’s “Hub Cities” by the Conference Board of Canada. From its central location, the Saskatoon Region has excellent highway, air, and, rail transportation links to markets throughout North America. The region also has a highly competitive warehousing and distribution market with over 60 different trucking companies.

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