Vancouver: Innovative, Creative, Sustainable

City Profile

Map of Canada with the city of Vancouver pinpointed.

Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia, Canada
Population: 2.5 million

  • One of the world’s most liveable cities and best places to work and do business
  • A top 10 startup city as ranked by the Startup Genome Index
  • The 3rd greenest city in the world, and aiming to become the greenest by 2020

Key Advantages

  • One of the most globally competitive tax regimes with low rates and generous refundable R&D incentives
  • First class infrastructure; Vancouver has North America’s best airport; an outstanding public transit system; some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world
  • Closest major port to Asia, one of the world’s best natural deep-water harbours and a key international transportation hub
  • Some of the lowest energy rates in North America, primarily derived from clean energy
  • Vancouver is one of top 10 lowest risk cities in the world to recruit, employ, and redeploy business talent
  • Vancouver is a magnet for global talent and investment; in 2013 it attracted more venture capital than any other Canadian city
  • Vancouver is located within a 90 minute drive of the United States

Sector Strengths

  • Cleantech

    Recognized as a top 10 global cleantech city by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association, Vancouver is at the forefront of global innovation, with particular strengths in advanced-energy solutions as well as waste and wastewater treatment technologies.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

    Vancouver has one of the most productive tech ecosystems in the world; outstanding talent, an abundance of home grown success stories e.g. Hootsuite and Avigilon; and leading multi-nationals, e.g., Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter. Vancouver’s strengths include business intelligence, content management, SaaS, e-commerce, security, digital video, genomics, social media and web technologies.
  • Digital Entertainment and Interactive

    Global centre for animation & special effects; film & TV; gaming; interactive design, digital media, with over 600 digital media companies employing over 16,000 people. Home to many of the world’s top studios including Sony Imageworks, Industrial Light & Magic and MPC. A global top 5 film production centre.
  • Social Enterprise

    Vancouver is a world leader in social enterprise; a broad, dynamic sector affecting social and environmental change through the power of new business models. Over 750 social enterprises operate in every sector of industry, including non-profits, co-operatives, credit unions, B-Corps and social venture business.

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