Vancouver: Innovative, Creative, Sustainable

City Profile

Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia, Canada
Population: 2.5 million

  • One of the world’s most liveable cities and best places to work and do business
  • A top startup city as ranked by Startup Compass
  • The 3rd greenest city in the world, and aiming to become the greenest by 2020

Key Advantages

  • One of the most globally competitive tax regimes with low rates and generous refundable R&D incentives
  • First class infrastructure; Vancouver has North America’s best airport; an outstanding public transit system; some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world
  • Closest major port to Asia, one of the world’s best natural deep-water harbours and a key international transportation hub
  • Some of the lowest energy rates in North America, primarily derived from clean energy
  • Vancouver is one of top 10 lowest risk cities in the world to recruit, employ, and redeploy business talent
  • Vancouver is a magnet for global talent and investment; attracting over half a billion dollars in venture capital every year.
  • Vancouver is located within a 60 minute drive of the United States

Sector Strengths

  • Green Economy

    The Green Economy in Vancouver (comprised of local food, green buildings, cleantech, and sustainability services) is thriving and growing faster than all the traditional sectors of the economy. In particular, Vancouver is recognized as a top 10 global cleantech city by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association. Vancouver is at the forefront of global innovation, with particular strengths in advanced-energy solutions as well as waste and wastewater treatment technologies.
  • Technology

    Vancouver has one of the most productive tech ecosystems in the world; outstanding talent, an abundance of home grown success stories e.g. Hootsuite and Avigilon; and leading multi-nationals, e.g., Amazon, Microsoft, and SAP. Vancouver’s strengths include business intelligence, content management, SaaS, e-commerce, security, digital video, fintech, social media and web technologies.
  • Digital Entertainment and Interactive

    Vancouver is the world’s leading centre for VFX & animation. It is also world renowned for film & TV, gaming, interactive design, and digital media, with over 1,000 DE&I companies employing over 16,000 people. The city is home to most of the world’s top studios & companies including Sony Pictures Imageworks, Industrial Light & Magic, MPC and Electronic Arts and to many home-grown stars such as Bardel Entertainment, Method and Nerdcorps.
  • Social Enterprise

    Vancouver is a world leader in social enterprise; a broad, dynamic sector affecting social and environmental change through the power of new business models. Over 750 social enterprises operate in every sector of industry, including non-profits, co-operatives, credit unions, B-Corps and social venture business.

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