Where Enterprise Meets Opportunity

Saskatchewan is vast province—home to almost half of Canada's total cultivated farmland and the center of Canadian crop production. Even with production reaching a record high volume of 29.8 million tonnes in 2008, the province is gaining worldwide attention for its wealth of minerals and energy resources, cutting-edge research centres spawning high-tech industries and rapidly-expanding manufacturing sector. With a growth rate that outpaces Canada as a whole, one of the youngest and most educated populations, and cost advantages that beat out most North American locations, this prairie province offers a quality of life that is second to none.

Business Environment

  • Highest average economic growth (GDP) in Canada along with the lowest rate of unemployment in the country
  • Government incentives for natural gas drilling and new oil wells, a 90,000 barrel/ day refinery, an asphalt refiner, 2 heavy oil upgraders and 3 ethanol plants
  • One of Canada’s lowest corporate income tax rates for manufacturers and processors—as low as 10% for qualifying companies—and royalty rates among the lowest in Canada


  • Job tenure in Saskatchewan is consistently the best in Canada - exceeding the national average by 22.8 per cent in 2005, resulting in lower costs to hire and train new staff
  • Educated workers—50% have a post secondary diploma, certificate or degree
  • Highest percentage of workers under 24 years of age—the youngest workforce in Canada
  • Multicultural workforce is able to serve customers in many languages
  • Highest employment growth rate of any province between May 2008 and May 2009

Other Key Advantages

  • Recognized as a world leader in agricultural biotechnology
  • Highest mining productivity in Canada
  • Second largest oil-producing province as well as the third largest natural gas producing province making the oil and gas industry one of the largest contributors to the provincial economy with over $1.8 billion in revenue in 2007-2008
  • World’s largest producer and exporter of both potash and uranium (respectively supplying 31% and 23% of world production in 2007)
  • Home to the largest diamondiferous kimberlite field in the world causing total mineral expenditures in 2008 to reach $360 million
  • Home to the world’s largest uranium-producing company and the world’s largest uranium mine
  • Athabasca Basin in northern Saskatchewan boasts the highest-grade uranium deposits in the world
  • 190,000 km. highway and road network, CN and CPR intermodal terminals connect to the US , and both eastern and western Canada

Sector Strengths

  • Agri-value
  • Alternative Energies and Environmental Industries
  • Bio-fuels, Bio-Products and Bio-Processing
  • Forestry
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Life Sciences and Biotechnology
  • Manufacturing
  • Minerals