Whitehorse: A Highly Entrepreneurial Economy

City Profile

Whitehorse is the capital city of the Yukon Territory, Canada
Population: 36,700

  • 100 years of mining history
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Expert in cold climate technologies

Key Advantages

  • Rich resources and enormous economic potential
  • Active contributor to world cold climate technologies
  • No territorial sales taxes and among the lowest corporate income tax rates in Canada
  • Ice-free ports providing year round access to exports, and proximity to Asia
  • Yukon College has 13 campuses and extensive distance-learning courses

Sector Strengths

  • Cold Climate Technologies

    Yukon's climate and remote location have created a necessity to adapt and to innovate. It is an active contributor to the world cold climate technologies with innovation and technological advancement. Yukon has leveraged its knowledge sector into world leaders in cold climate technologies and environmental research. Read more about cold climate technologies.
  • Mining, oil and gas exploration

    Mineral exploration in Canada's Yukon remains strong. Exploration expenditures were estimated to have exceeded $300 million. Several advanced exploration projects returned significant drill results, highlighting the under-explored potential of these properties even at an advanced stage of exploration. Read more about mining, oil and gas exploration.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Yukon’s economy includes close to 3,000 registered businesses, which translates into roughly one business per 10 Yukoners. The highly entrepreneurial economy is filled with independent business owners and often larger industries that have numerous smaller active operators (e.g., specialized construction companies, independent exploration companies, and placer mines). These self-operated businesses complement the financial efforts of larger companies and government.
  • Tourism

    The world’s last unspoiled wildernesses with the Canada Games Centre as the largest recreation facility north of 60 along with world-class outdoor facilities and over 700 km of trails to explore; excellent accommodations, restaurants and shopping, live theatre and cultural events, abundant wildlife and amazing scenic views that attract close to 800,000 cruise ship passengers every year. Read more about tourism in Whitehorse.

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