Quick Facts
Province: Manitoba (capital city)
Population: 712,700

It would be impossible to find a more central location to invest in North America than Winnipeg, which lies at the geographic heart of the continent. Winnipeg is a bustling 21st Century city, a hub for transportation and commerce with one of the most balanced, diverse and stable urban economies in Canada. Headquarters for some of Canada’s leading corporate addresses, Winnipeg boasts low industrial and commercial space costs and an exceptionally high quality of life — a first choice for investors looking for prime opportunities in the Americas.

Key Advantages

  • Long history as a major financial centre, contributing nearly $4 billion to Manitoba’s gross domestic product
  • Headquarters for some of Canada’s most prominent investment firms and insurance companies such as the Great-West Life Assurance Company, Canada’s largest insurance company and Investors Group, Canada’s largest mutual fund company
  • Other thriving industries include the agricultural sector where 50% of Canadian agricultural machinery output is manufactured and Western Canada’s largest and most diversified aerospace centre
  • Canada’s east-west link, located just 100 km from the U.S. border and the closest Canadian centre to Mexico
  • Largest distribution centre between Vancouver and Toronto and is located at the core of both of Canada’s national intermodal rail systems, Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Rail System
  • Lowest overall business costs of major cities with overall cost indexes lower than the Canadian average
  • Investor tax benefits such as the Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit, Research and Development Tax Credit, Manufacturing Investment Tax Credit and Manitoba Equity Tax Credit
  • Three universities and college city and two highly respected technical training institutions with close to 70,000 students in post-secondary institutions

Sector Strengths

  • Aerospace
  • Agri-business & Food Processing
  • Biotechnology & Health Research
  • Consumer Goods Manufacturing
  • Energy & Environment
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Information, Communications & Media
  • Transportation & Distribution
  • Tourism