Yellowknife: Hotbed of Economic Activity at the Edge of the Arctic

City Profile

Yellowknife is the capital city of the Northwest Territories (NWT), Canada
Population: 20,000

  • Diamonds
  • Oil and Gas
  • Cold weather testing

Key Advantages

  • Diamond capital of North America and home to 3 diamond manufacturing plants
  • One of the fastest-growing economies and communities in the country
  • Capital city with the highest household income per capita in Canada
  • Young, well-educated and diverse workforce
  • 83% of all professional, scientific and technical employees in the Northwest Territories (NWT)
  • Extraordinary scenery and site of major conferences and festivals

Sector Strengths

  • Diamonds

    Thanks to a stringent monitoring system, the Government is able to guarantee that a Government Certified Canadian Diamond™ is 100% Canadian in origin and was mined, cut, and polished in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Read more about diamonds.
  • Manufactured products (diamonds/jewellery)

    The secondary diamond industry makes up the majority of NWT manufacturing activity. Read about the diamond centre grand opening.
  • Tourism

    Tourism 2015 builds on the lessons learned and successes of Tourism 2010, the predecessor to the current Plan. Since Tourism 2010 was launched in 2005/2006, the tourism industry in the Northwest Territories has faced new challenges and new opportunities for growth. Read more about tourism in Yellowknife.

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