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Quick Facts
Province: Northwest Territories (Capital City)
Population: 20,000

Canada’s northern-most city is not just a unique destination for adventure travellers and global tourists seeking an exciting destination at the edge of the Arctic — it is also a hot bed of economy activity. Yellowknife is the communications, transportation, service, health and education hub for the Northwest Territories and the tourism, commerce and government centre for the region. Throw in its unique northern lifestyle, extraordinary scenery and natural environment and it’s easy to see why international mining giants and oil and gas exploration companies — and half of the population of the NWT — call Yellowknife home.

Key Advantages

  • One of the fastest-growing communities in the country that boasts the amenities of major urban centres and is a national showcase for northern innovation
  • Diamond capital of North America and home to 3 diamond manufacturing plants
  • Thriving economy has provided the capital city with the highest household income per capita in Canada
  • Young, well-educated diverse workforce — 72% of the labour force is under the age of 44 and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada—83% of all professional, scientific and technical employees in the NWT live here
  • Home to Aurora College and a Community Learning Centre
  • Served by three airlines with connections to major southern Canadian hubs
  • Magnet for international tourists and site of major conferences and festivals

Sector Strengths

  • Diamonds/gold
  • Manufactured products (diamonds/jewellery)
  • Tourism
  • Engineering/architectural services
  • Geo-science data
  • Climate research
  • Cold weather testing
  • Northern construction technology