Whether you are considering establishing your own Canadian operation, working with a Canadian partner or gaining a Canadian base for access to North American markets, Invest in Canada and the provincial and territorial governments will be pleased to provide you with the right support for your Canadian investment project.

Canada has a global network of investment and trade professionals, present in more than 150 cities worldwide, to assist you in making Canada your next investment destination.

Once you have contacted our investment and trade professionals, you can count on excellent and confidential service. Canada’s Investment professionals will provide you with strategic intelligence and put you in touch with the right decision-makers in Canada.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Strategic market intelligence on your specific sector
  • Pathfinding for key government contacts engaged in supporting investment in Canada
  • Referrals to investment support professionals, such as lenders, lawyers, accounting firms and information specialists, and private-sector industry associations
  • Facilitation of site visits to support you in the identification of a strategic location
  • Information and advice on:
    • how to set up a business in Canada
    • taxation
    • Canada’s advantageous R&D tax credit system
    • regulations
    • financial and non-financial government programs specific to your sector
  • Assistance in developing a business case for your next investment decision