Canada’s aerospace sector is comprised of some 700 companies generating direct annual revenues of more than $25 billion in 2013. The industry is highly integrated into the global value chains and exports 80% of its production globally. Footnote 1

“With this multi-million investment – Airbus Helicopters is demonstrating its confidence in and commitment to Ontario and Canada,[…] This announcement recognizes Ontario as a good place to do business, particularly in advanced manufacturing.”

Romain Trapp, Chief Executive Officer, Airbus Helicopters Canada

  • According to KPMG, aircraft parts operations in Canada save 12.7% on total labour costs (including benefits) compared to the U.S. and when all cost factors are considered, the lowest cost structure in the G7. Footnote 2
  • The aerospace industry in Canada is R & D intensive, with capital investments upwards of $1.7 billion making it a leader in aircraft technology development and application. Footnote 1
  • The Canadian aerospace industry employs nearly 73,000 workers. Investors also gain access to a large pool of world-class educated workers with 22 Canadian universities appearing in the top 500 universities in the world. Footnote 3

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