With more than 1,300 automotive companies, annual revenues of $71 billion and annual exports of more than $53 billion, Canada is a global automotive centre.

“ The strong support that we have received from both the federal and provincial governments is very important because it allows us to give these initiatives priority and helps to secure our production footprint in Canada. ”

Ray Tanguay, Chairman, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

Canada accounts for 16 percent of North America’s vehicle production and is the world’s sixth-largest exporter of road vehicles.

  • Between 2002 and 2011, annual capital investment in Canada’s automotive industry averaged $3 billion and annual R&D spending averaged more than $460 million. Key areas of research include alternative fuel, electric vehicles, mechanical engineering, engine and transmission design, advanced materials, emissions, biomechanics, and vehicle safety.
  • J.D. Power and Associates rated Toyota and General Motors plants in Canada as the best in the western hemisphere in six of its last 10 annual quality surveys.
  • Canada is home to a highly-skilled automotive workforce of more than 111,000. Canadian autoworkers are known for their strong work ethic, low turnover, reliability, quality and productivity. Canada’s top-quality educational institutions ensure a continual supply of qualified graduates in engineering, machining, metalwork, welding, robotics, manufacturing systems and service, as well as, tool-and-die making.
  • Between 2003 and 2011, more than 110 foreign companies established greenfield projects in Canada’s automotive industry.