Renewable Energy

Canada, one of the world’s few net exporters of energy, has a vast and exceptionally diversified mix of renewable-energy resources, including hydro, solar, wind, biomass and tidal power.

“ Canada is a key market for renewable energy, with high quality projects that are supported by long term feed-in-tariffs. We are delighted with our progress which strengthens our position in this attractive market with further growth opportunities. ”

Philip Cox, CEO, International Power

The development of clean technologies is a priority for all levels of government in Canada, at the federal, provincial, territorial and regional levels. Indeed, many support the emergence of a bio-economy with targeted policies and incentives that range from tax credits and education programs to market-stimulating regulations.

  • Canada has the third-largest renewable energy capacity in the world; renewable sources generate 17 percent of its total primary energy supply and more than 60 percent of its total electricity capacity.
  • Canada is the sixth-largest consumer of electricity in the world. The US, the world’s largest electricity consumer, is Canada’s primary trading partner.
  • Between 2003 and 2011, 126 foreign companies established greenfield projects in Canada’s renewable energy sector.
  • The Government of Canada has set a goal of generating 90 percent of Canada’s electricity from zero-emitting sources by 2020. Canadian provinces also offer generous incentives, and the feed-in-tariff rates for solar PV electricity offered in Ontario are among the world’s most attractive.