Medical Devices

With more than 1,000 firms, a workforce of 25,000, and exports worth more than $2.3 billion in 2011, Canada’s medical-devices industry produces a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic products.

“ Pioneered in partnership with the Montréal Heart Institute, the Arctic Front® Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter System now brings life-changing therapy to patients around the globe. ”

Neil Fraser, President, Medtronic of Canada Ltd.

Companies in Canada’s medical-devices sector develop and manufacture high-demand products that incorporate the latest discoveries from other industries—including biotechnology, advanced materials, microelectronics, telecommunications, software and informatics.

Made-in-Canada medical innovations:

  • The Neovasc Reducer™ for refractory angina and PeriPatch™ surgical tissue (developed and manufactured in Vancouver by Neovasc, subsequently acquired by Medtronic);
  • Catheter-based products for the cryotherapeutic treatment of cardiovascular disease, now used in more than 500 medical centres around the world (developed by Montréal-based CryoCathTechnologies);
  • The world’s only movable, high-resolution, intra-operative MRI system (developed by Winnipeg-based IMRIS, a world-renowned image-guided therapy-systems company);
  • A digital-radiography-imaging system used in nearly 40 countries (developed by Imaging Dynamics in Calgary).