Regional and Global Security

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Executive Summary: China’s Global Personality. (Chatham House, UK - Full Report)

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Burma’s Reforms and Regional Cooperation in East Asia.

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China: A Satiated Power? A Rising Hegemon in International Perspective.

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Emerging maritime rivalry in The South China Sea: Territorial disputes, sea-lane security, and the pursuit of power.

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Indonesia's Lessons for the Middle East and North Africa and other Emerging Democracies.

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South Asia Security: The India-Pakistan Dimension. (Seminar hosted by the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa, 27 April 2009)

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Workshop on Russian foreign policy and global security.

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Le Canada face à la transformation de la politique européenne de sécurité et de défense.

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Stopping the Free-Fall implications of sinojapanese rivalry for regional stability and Canadaian interests.

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WMD Proliferation and the Middle East Conundrum: The Ability of International Security Regimes to Respond; "Modelling a New International Regime for Monitoring and Verification of Compliance: Drawing from Experience(s) in Iraq 1991-2004."

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International Maritime Law and the Interdiction of Movements of Weapons of Mass Destruction by Sea.

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Catastrophic Terrorism: Challenges and Responses. 

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The Fight Against Terrorist Financing: An Analysis of Multilateral Tools and Lessons Learned from the Fight Against Drug Trafficking. (In French Only)

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Report of CFPS-ISROP Workshop, Advancing Security and Development in Africa.

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Mexican Security Policy.

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Confidence-Building Measures in Africa.

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