Management Consular

A day in the life

Serving the Canadian Government and Canadians Abroad

The role of the Management Consular Officer is characterized by variety. From managing financial and human resources for Canadian missions around the world to helping an imprisoned Canadian in a foreign jail, your ability to adapt and your flexibility in this role will make you shine.

We work in...

Your Role in the Management of Money, People and Assets:

  • Managing: embassies and consulates to operate at peak efficiency
  • Overseeing: the human resources program for foreign national professionals worldwide
  • Determining: effective allocation of personnel and financial resources
  • Managing: complex budgets of divisions at Headquarters and overseas missions
  • Managing: security issues for embassies and consulates
  • Procuring: and managing properties around the world

Your Role in Consular and Emergency Assistance to Canadians Abroad:

  • Helping: Canadians deal with any emergency or distressful event, including arrest, incarceration, theft of belongings (e.g. passport), deprivation, assault, child abduction, death, medical emergencies and medical evacuation, natural disasters, civil unrest, and airline crashes
  • Managing: international emergencies, from contingency planning to the evacuation of Canadians following civil unrest or a natural disaster
  • Providing: advice and information to the traveling public
  • Assisting: on passport, citizenship, adoption, notary and other files

You possess a diverse range of skills adaptable to various situations:

  • Self-starter: you show initiative and you take action under pressure, even when limited information is available
  • Attention to details: you take pride in your work, ensuring that tasks are completed well and on time
  • Service excellence: you assist Canadians in distress or in emergency situations
  • Empathy: you understand that it is vital to be sensitive and to remain clearheaded when under stress
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: you are constantly willing to learn and consider new innovative approaches to achieve results.
  • Sound Judgment: you quickly identify key factors in complex problems and situations and analyze them.
  • Cooperative: you enjoy being part of a team and network that works towards a common objective.