Foreign Service Administrative Assistant (FSAA)

Providing behind-the-scenes support

As a Foreign Service Administrative Assistant, you make an important behind-the-scenes contribution to Canada’s national interests, providing valued multi-functional support in a challenging and diverse overseas environment.

Do you have experience in office administration? Would you like to be an executive assistant, office manager, courier and visits coordinator—all in one day?

In your role as a Foreign Service Administrative Assistant, you may perform the following tasks:

  • Coordinate the daily activities of an ambassador abroad, working closely with the ambassador’s social secretary and driver;
  • Provide essential administrative support services to a broad range of internal clients;
  • Manage the flow of outgoing and incoming correspondence;
  • Liaise between the ambassador and mission program managers, locally engaged staff and external contacts such as foreign ministry officials in other countries, other diplomatic missions abroad, and the public;
  • Organize international travel, arranging hotels, meetings and transportation;
  • Prepare, distribute and track diplomatic notes;
  • Organize diplomatic receptions, dinners, liaise with local protocol officers.

Foreign Service Administrative Assistants have the following qualities:

  • Adaptability and flexibility: spending half to two thirds of your career working and living abroad;
  • Effective interactive communication, both orally and in writing;
  • Focus on quality and details: taking pride in a job well done;
  • Initiative: taking action, proactively doing things, being a self-starter;
  • Interpersonal relations and respect: dealing with others from a different culture in a sensitive manner;
  • Judgement: analyzing information and drawing conclusions;
  • Teamwork: working cooperatively with others;
  • Oriented to client service.

FSAAs work in...

  • Headquarters in Ottawa;
  • 150+ offices worldwide.