Political Economic

Advancing Canada’s Priorities in the World

As a Political Economic Officer, you play an important role in advancing Canada’s national interests through our relations with other governments and international and multilateral institutions, in representing the Canadian government and promoting the government’s priorities and activities abroad to a wide range of interlocutors (government, civil society, private sector, academia, etc.), and in shaping Canada’s foreign policy development and direction.Your chance to:

A career as a Political Economic Officer is your chance to:

  • Advocate for our priorities in our bilateral relations with other governments and in our relations with multilateral institutions, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and through public affairs activities in Canada and abroad;
  • Seek approaches that benefit Canada and the world on global issues, such as freedom and human rights, effective global governance and international security; 
  • Contribute to Canada’s response to international crises;
  • Analyze national, regional and international trends and developments through the lens of Canadian priorities; 
  • Develop policy recommendations on how to advance Canadian priorities and protect Canadian interests; 
  • Identify and build relations with government, civil society, private sector and other stakeholders to promote Canada’s international objectives; and
  • Manage and deliver a range of programs and projects around the world.

Political Economic Officers work at:

You can work with us as a:...

  • A Foreign Service Officer (FS), in the Political Economic stream, focused on bilateral, multilateral or sectoral foreign policy issues. Foreign Service Officers are based in Ottawa and agree to be assigned to diplomatic missions abroad according to operational needs and their own professional interests and personal circumstances; or
  • A Policy Officer (EC), focused on bilateral, multilateral or sectoral foreign policy issues. Policy Officers are based in Ottawa, but may apply for postings to regional offices in Canada or to diplomatic missions abroad.

We are looking for candidates who are:

  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Analytical; 
  • Client-focused; 
  • Effective interactive communicators both orally and in writing; 
  • Attentive to quality and details and who take pride in their work; 
  • Self-starters, showing initiative and the ability to take action under pressure; 
  • Active listeners who are respectful and open to the opinions of others; 
  • Sound of judgment when analyzing problems and situations; and 
  • Cooperative and who enjoy being part of a team.