Careers in International Trade

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Strengthening Canada’s Contribution to Global Prosperity

Whether posted abroad or in our offices across Canada, we work with executives, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, education institutions and foreign governments at all levels to promote Canada’s prosperity and competitiveness.

By joining our worldwide team of international trade officers, you will work as a negotiator, trade commissioner, networker, promoter, strategist and leader.

Would you like to...

  • negotiate a free trade agreement on behalf of Canada?
  • advise Canadian exporters and investors of market opportunities?
  • facilitate partnerships between Canadian and foreign innovators?
  • analyze global economic and commercial developments?
  • promote Canada to foreign companies as the best location for their business?
  • position Canada and Canadian companies as leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • represent Canada at international organizations like the World Trade Organization?
  • expand the network and influence of Canadian companies in foreign markets?
  • collaborate with a multicultural team of colleagues from around the world?

We work at...

International trade officer positions

There are three occupational groups:

  • Foreign Service Officer, Commercial/Economic Stream (FS)
    Foreign Service Officers (FS) in the Commercial/Economic stream form the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) international network. They work on trade policy and the promotion of trade, investment and innovation. Foreign Service Officers are based in Ottawa and agree, as a condition of employment, to be assigned to regional offices in Canada or to diplomatic missions abroad according to operational needs.
  • Policy Officer (EC)
    Policy Officers (EC) work on bilateral, multilateral or sectoral trade policy related issues. Policy Officers are based at headquarters, and move periodically between different positions at headquarters.
  • Commerce Officer (CO)
    Commerce Officers (CO) work on a broad range of issues, including the promotion of trade, investment and innovation. Commerce Officers are based at headquarters in Ottawa or in regional offices across Canada. Those who are based in Ottawa move periodically between different positions at headquarters.

We seek skilled and dedicated candidates who are:

  • Focused on client service
    Our raison d’être is to support the Canadian business community and deliver world-class service to bring prosperity and economic growth to Canada.
  • Adaptable and flexible
    Our work has no borders. We often work in challenging environments and situations, adapting to changing needs and tight deadlines. You will need to reorient your priorities continually to ensure that Canada succeeds in the rapidly evolving global economy.
  • Sensitive to other cultures
    We negotiate with international organizations from all over the world. We convince foreign companies to invest and establish strategic partnerships in Canada. Our teams abroad consist of a mix of Canadians and locally engaged staff. You should be willing to learn new languages, interact with different cultures, and adapt your behaviour, while remaining true to Canadian values.
  • Networkers and alliance builders
    We link Canadian companies with opportunities. We build consensus to influence trade negotiations. To do this, we need to have access to the right people. You should have the capacity to leverage resources to grow your own network and rally stakeholders around a common goal.
  • Able to show sound judgment
    We quickly identify key issues, diagnose opportunities, and draw logical conclusions. We analyze complex situations and make decisions that will have a significant impact for Canada.
  • Excellent communicators
    As Canada's voice, we interpret the world and its opportunities for our clients, partners and colleagues worldwide. We explain our work through memos, reports, speeches and briefs for the Minister and Parliament.
  • Natural team players
    We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We have different strengths and need one another to produce thorough and comprehensive work. We are eager to promote collaboration with our colleagues and partners.
  • Respectful
    We deal with people all the time, at all levels, inside and outside of our team. You will need to see the world from other people’s point of view and achieve results while respecting sensitivities.
  • Proactive
    We will give you the opportunity to make a difference. Are you ready to take initiative for Canada?