Baird Meets Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh

Baird Meets Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh

August 11, 2012 - Amman, Jordan - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today met with Jordan’s Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh. The two ministers discussed the crisis in Syria and the security situation in the Middle East, as well as Canada-Jordan bilateral relations. They also discussed Jordan’s welcoming of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, a valuable contribution to the international response to the crisis in Syria.

During his trip to Jordan, Baird announced Canada’s contributions toward efforts to aid Syrian refugees, including $1.5 million in humanitarian assistance to the UN World Food Programme to feed Syrian refugees, including those in Jordan; $2 million in medical supplies for Syria to enable more responsive and better treatment of Syrians in need of urgent medical care; and $6.5 million to help meet Jordan’s needs in responding to the crisis.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, over 140,000 people have fled to Jordan.

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